Living Wild in Estes Park

Living in a mountain town means that you are surrounded by awe inspiring mountains.  It also means you are sharing space with wildlife!

When you live in or visit Estes Park, you will undoubtedly see elk grazing in your yard or standing in front of the doorway to the store you would like to enter.  This is a normal part of Estes life.

Ron Niebrugge

You will want to keep in mind that while we are sharing space, you want to give the elk the right of way.  These animals are wild, unpredictable and should be enjoyed from a very safe distance.  Especially in the month of September, this is their time of “rutt”.  That means the bull elks are competing fiercely for the affection of the cows.  And their behavior becomes more territorial.  Photographs are always a fun way to document your experience, but please do from a safe distance.  It not only protects you, but it also protects the elk.